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The Return (The Art History Lesson) 2002 - 2019



In 2002, AnnMarie began a series entitled The Art History Lesson. At the time, she was and still is drawn to the classics in art, particularly the  Italian Renaissance, the Pre-Raphaelites and the Symbolists. She is affected by the theatrical aspect and allegories that were created and in the poses and themes played out in the paintings/sculptures and she wanted to create her own plays.

The mask worn in this series had taken its own identity and  become part of her. The recurring female character sheds only one tear, representing a mix of emotions in dealing with personal issues.

After many years and several moves, she had lost that mask but in 2019, the desire to connect with it became prominent. AnnMarie found its copy in a costume shop and recreated several poses from the original series and included new ones. Perhaps there is a profound reason that the mask needed to be heard again…

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