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“Les Peintures I and II” 2018-2022

At the beginning of my photographic career, I focused solely on self-expression as an overweight woman. Over time, however,  my work shifted to express more psychological aspects, delving into personal experiences.


In the series Les Peintures, and being over 50 years old, re-gaining weight and enduring pain in my body from age, I had, in a sense, returned full circle, to focus again on my appearance, combining it with an internal struggle with my body as it ages and transforms. I incorporated textures/marks onto my body and the overall image to show a battle of my strengths and weaknesses, creating a depth that goes well beneath the surface. After a brief break from that series, I returned and continued to create works more painterly and darker in mood as well. As I never feel a series is fully complete, I leave it open to explore in the future.



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