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Rêves et Souvenirs, Allegory




Since 2015 – the year that AnnMarie moved from the United States to France, She has been working hard at creating photographic works that expressed this move, among other monumental life changes that has taken place over the last 12 years. She thinks about words like transition, process, progress and as her artwork, since the beginning, stems from a therapeutic standpoint, she wants the images to tell her story, but perhaps always in a style like fairy-tales. As we know in fairy-tales, the stories rarely begin (or even end) on a happy note but there is always a journey – one of which is almost always surreal. AnnMarie thinks her life has been very surreal more so in recent years.


Thus, came the exploration of digital tools and the use of photo collage and manipulation. The process began in the series, The Divine Journey and AnnMarie wanted to see where she could take it. She also began to explore memories, dreams and symbols. Some of them have universal meanings but combined with others, she wanted to create a personal formula, almost secretive but in a way that the viewer has fascination by these combinations. It's these things that are the common thread between those 3 bodies of work AnnMarie has created in the last 3 years.

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